Friday, March 21, 2008

Yes, I'm vain

I SO enjoy my blog writing. I don't write here near as often as I'd like to, yet when I do I always enjoy it.

I have another blog that's much more active. It's focussed on my hobby of breeding Labradoodles, so there is always much to write about there! Recently I've been getting more comments from people coming to see that site who have absolutely no reason to have to be nice to me. They're not family, or trying to sell me anything; they're just researching something online and a search engine happened to bring them to my site. My stat counter tells me how many people come each day, which pages they view, and how long they stuck around. I'm very pleased with how active the site has been even between litters. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I see that the traffic is holding steady even though I currently have nothing to sell them. What really makes my day are the wonderful comments people have been making about my site. I know it probably shouldn't matter what others think, but to me it does. I want to know that what I do makes a difference. I need to know that there is some value in what I have there and that all my work doesn't go unnoticed.

I guess that's vanity speaking, but hey I'm only human and will draw my joy and encouragement where ever it comes to me from.